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Hi folks,

Great news, we have finally settled on a venue for this years’ rally. After polling several of our regular attendees it was a tough decision because most everyone had a different first choice. Some sites were overwhelmingly complex to plan and had many points of possible disaster. I think the selection will be a great event as we plan to attend the New Hope Auto Show the week-end of 8-10 August 2014. This show is just off of Highway 202 north of Philadelphia PA going east just before the Delaware River. Our hotel will be the newly renovated Holiday Inn in Clinton NJ.

This venue is near Sandy Marcus’ home in Flemington, NJ. Sandy says he knows some interesting side trips and places to eat. The auto show is Saturday and Sunday but the Saturday show is for US made cars so we will participate in the Sunday show which is foreign vehicles. Sandy said this is a spectacular event and we will probably want to attend the show on Saturday to see the really fine examples of US iron.

Registration for the Auto Show on Sunday is $25 and you will have to register online at There is a button on the left to register. I have reserved a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn with a special group rate of $129.00 which includes two breakfast vouchers each day. I’m told the breakfast is excellent. The Hotel prefers on line registration by going to You will need to click register and type in “CAR” in the code block. If you want to register by phone call 908-735-5111 and mention the DLOCNA and/or CAR for our special room rate. There is plenty of parking and I was promised a roped off area for our cars. Please send in the enclosed registration form if you plan to attend. There is no cost for the DLOCNA rally.

As the winter weather starts to ease up a little, it was a perfect day for the Williamsburg British Car Club car show this past Saturday April 12th. I met a very interesting English gentleman pictured below standing by my DB-18. The Daimler drew him over for a nice chat and some great Daimler stories. He said his father owned a 30’s Daimler prior to and during World War II. They were getting bombed constantly during the Blitz. One day his dad looked in the garage where the Daimler was parked and said you know if a bomb hits our garage it will destroy the car and I will loose 20 pounds. Guess 20 pounds went a long way in those days.

Another guy listening to the conversation asked if he knew what kind of car the Scotland Yard police drove in the 30’s and 40’s. He said they drove the Woolsley. He said the Woolsley business was originally established to sell hardware items then got into the car manufacturing business. Later as the many auto companies began to disappear, Woolsley followed suit and went back to, would you believe, bathroom fixtures. Woolsley now owns Ferguson Enterprise which is a major supplier.

I hope you enjoy the several stories in the newsletter about two of our members. They aren’t necessarily Daimler stories but are interesting from a member standpoint. I hope you will all consider joining us for rally. It should be located conveniently for a large number of our members and our planning to attend another larger car event has been and will continue to be a fun way to get together and see old friends.

georgebennettPlease remember to send in your renewal forms if you haven’t yet done so. You will know this if you see a renewal form in your newsletter. Also WE NEED STORIES ABOUT YOUR DAIMLERS AND/OR YOU. PLEASE HELP.

Until next time-Happy Daimlering,

George Bennett

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