Letter from the President – V34#4

Hello Friends,

I hope this message finds you all well. After such a long and nasty winter, a little playtime with our Daimlers and Lanchesters is a great introduction to springtime weather!

Rally 2014 is now in the final planning stages. The Rally will be held in conjunction with the New Hope Auto Show. The show is just north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and will be held on August 8-10, 2014. This show is also a significant milestone for our club – the first Rally for the DLOCNA was held in Oakville, Ontario in August 1979… This August is the 35th Rally and anniversary! A fine testament to the founding members and their strong bond to these great automobiles. Ten Daimlers attended Rally #1.

I recently recieved a message from Dennis Maynard, a member of DLOC-UK (and the club Conquest registry historian). He informed me that he will soon go to print with a book titled “Daimler Roadster and New Drophead Coupe”. He is reserving the first run for club members. If you are interested in a copy, contact Dennis directly via his email – Mynard.Revarg @ tiscali.co.uk. I have reserved my copy, as Dennis was kind enough to include my 1953 Roadster in this book.

I hope to see our friends both old and new at the Rally, so please save the date, reserve your rooms, and register your Daimlers for the Sunday show! I think Rally #35 deserves some special activities… George and Linda Bennett have been working tirelessly on assuring we all have a great time. I thank them for their dedication to the DLOC-NA – they are truly the heartbeat of this fine organization.

Best Regards,president

Bob Santoro
President, DLOCNA


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